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What Can I Expect During The Appointment?

During the appointment, your doctor will:

  • Conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums.
  • Perform a complete set of x-rays to identify any underlying bone issues.
  • Discuss your treatment options with you.
  • Review dental implant options.
  • Answer your questions.

Dental Implant Consultation in Easton & Bethesda, MD

Each method of tooth replacement has its own advantages and depending upon your expectations, dental health, and budget, not every tooth replacement method will be right for you. A consultation with a dental implant expert is the best way to find your ideal method of replacing missing teeth. If you need tooth replacement, schedule a consultation with Dr. John V. Louis for dental implants in Easton, MD. Your consultation with our implant dentistry specialist will include:

  • An evaluation of your oral health
  • A series of x-rays
  • Review of your medical and dental history
  • Discussion of your goals and potential treatment options

What You Can Expect From Your Consultation for Dental Implants in Easton, MD

An Evaluation of Your Oral Health

Dr. Louis will examine your teeth and gums to assess their health. He will also evaluate your bone density. All of these factors determine whether you are a good candidate for tooth replacement with dental implants or will require additional treatment to improve the health of your smile.

A Series of X-Rays

X-rays will give Dr. Louis a comprehensive picture of your mouth, including the location of nerves, sinus cavities, and existing bone volume. This is critical information needed to plan the placement of your dental implants.

Review of Your Medical and Dental History

Dr. Louis will discuss previous dental treatment and any past or existing medical conditions with you so that precautions can be taken before scheduling your tooth replacement surgery. Let Dr. Louis know if you are taking any prescription medications or supplements, as some may affect your surgery, such as blood thinners.

Discussion of Your Goals and Potential Treatment Options

You may have certain expectations for your smile that narrow the available treatment options. Dr. Louis will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each tooth replacement method, helping you determine the ideal solution for your oral health. To schedule your dental implants consultation in Easton, MD, contact our office today.

About Our Office

Here at our dental office in Easton, Maryland, our staff has the experience and expertise to treat your periodontal diseases. John V. Louis, DMD, LLC - Center for Specialized Dentistry is dedicated to meeting your needs.

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