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Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

The Discreet Method to Straighten Teeth

Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces because:

  • Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible
  • The aligners are smooth and comfortable
  • Aligners can be removed for easy cleaning
  • You can eat whatever you want!
  • There are no wires or brackets to irritate your mouth
  • It's easy to floss and brush your teeth

Schedule Your Invisalign Appointment!

A Straighter Smile With Invisalign® in Easton & Bethesda, MD

Invisalign® in Easton & Bethesda, MD

Many people dream of having a beautiful smile, but have avoided orthodontic treatment due to uncomfortable, unattractive metal braces. There is, however, an alternative to wearing traditional braces. Invisalign® can straighten teeth without irritating your mouth or detracting from your appearance. Invisalign® treatment is performed with clear, soft plastic trays that gradually align your teeth just as braces do but without the brackets, wires, and elastic bands. If you want to straighten teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. John V. Louis for Invisalign® in Easton, MD. Invisalign® can offer you the following advantages:

  • Clear, unnoticeable aligners
  • Comfortable, soft plastic material will not irritate the mouth
  • Straighten teeth that are misaligned
  • Aligners may be removed for easy brushing and flossing
  • Less frequent orthodontic visits required
  • Eat whatever you like without restriction
  • No embarrassing metal brackets displayed when you smile

Straighten Teeth With Invisalign® in Easton, MD

When you arrive for your consultation with Dr. Louis, an Invisalign® Preferred Provider, he will evaluate your dental health and discuss your smile goals with you to determine whether the desired results can be achieved with Invisalign®.

Once you have decided that you would like to straighten teeth with Invisalign®, Dr. Louis will put together a treatment plan for you by creating a 3D model of your mouth using digital images, x-rays, and a mold. This 3D replica allows Dr. Louis to simulate your treatment through every phase, accurately predicting the placement of your teeth. Using this data, your Invisalign® aligners can be custom designed for you, with each set worn for a two week period.

Treatment duration to straighten teeth with Invisalign® depends upon the condition of your teeth, but will typically last from twelve to thirty months. While aligners are changed at two week intervals, you will only be required to visit our office every six weeks so that Dr. Louis may monitor your progress.

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